Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

OGN token

Total Supply


Circulating Supply


Total number of unique wallets


Total number of presale investors


Presale investor vesting schedule length

2+ years

Team vesting schedule length*

4-6 years

Average presale purchase Situs Slot Gacor in USD


* Founders signed new 4 year vesting schedule on Jan 8 2020

Total number of tokens in investor and team lockups

40,073,604 OGN

Total number of staked tokens

5,330,154 OGN

Investors & team members with locked tokens


Wallets excluded from circulating supply

Foundation Reserves 0xe011fa2a6…103aa352 767,202,743 OGN 

Team Distribution 0xcaa5ef7ab…6617a167 2,049,001 OGN 

Investor Distribution 0x3da504569…39c5b8c0 492,012 OGN 

Distribution Staging 0x1a34e5b97…c216976b 25,112,937OGN 

Partnerships 0xbc0722eb6…d2e53017 3,665,690 OGN 

Ecosystem Growth 0x2d00c3c13…e08ff626 630 OGN